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home chores to burn calories

 home chores to burn calories

Some recent research has proven that many household chores are considered psychological therapy because it helps us take control of our lives. But if you want to take advantage of this time, which

 others consider a burden as it prevents them from going to the gym due to lack of time, follow us in this important article and benefit from exercises without having to leave the house.

Housework is a great way to burn calories. But as in sports, the more effort you gain. Polishing utensils, wiping dust and the floor will magically help you maintain graceful forearms even as you age. The

 bending while cleaning, for example, or stretching the muscles while making the bed, or even spreading the laundry, are all exercises that improve the level of flexibility in the body.

Here's how many calories you can burn doing housework compared to walking at a moderate pace:

Calories burned in one hour

movement type


Walk at a moderate pace


wiping dust


gardening work


Cleaning the ground


the car washing


cleaning the glasses


ironing clothes


Going up and down the stairs

Tips to burn more calories while doing household chores:

Use a wax-based cleaner instead of a spray, as you'll be working harder to polish your furniture.

Do not do all the work in one place, but, for example, do the cleaning in the kitchen, then go up to the second floor to arrange the bed, and then go back to the bathroom to clean it...

Keep the music you love loud because listening to music while you work gets you more excited.


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