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Help your husband improve his intimate performance in 5 simple steps

Help your husband improve his intimate performance in 5 simple steps

The man and the woman depend on the intimate performance during the relationship, but all the pressures are on the man who is expected to do everything that ensures a satisfactory relationship for both

 parties. Performance anxiety turns into a satisfactory condition for most men, and it is one of the serious cases that should not be underestimated because it leads to the inability to have an erection, premature ejaculation, and the inability to enjoy intimate life.

Women have an important role in helping men improve performance because what happens in the bedroom reflects negatively or positively on what happens outside it.

Make him feel self-confident

Performance is related to the amount of self-confidence, and this confidence comes from the partner's reactions. If you interact positively, confidence will increase, and if you interact

 negatively, his self-confidence becomes almost non-existent. A woman should interact in an exciting way with her husband and give him everything that makes his confidence grow, even if she had to

 exaggerate in the beginning. We do not recommend lying and exaggerating permanently, but it is an acceptable starting point to put it on the right path.

Prolonging foreplay

Foreplay is not just an action and a reaction, it is a series of exciting actions that lead to a better relationship. Skipping this stage is a completely wrong behavior, because this preparation makes the

 desire accumulate, and this accumulation means a better relationship, better performance, and therefore greater interaction.

 Foreplay also makes a man a better image of what satisfies a woman, and when he can give her what she wants, his confidence will become greater, which means performance will definitely improve.

right time

If the woman is a worker or a housewife, the timing must be correct. Relationship after a stressful day is a very bad idea. Most men fail to achieve a successful relationship after a stressful day, or during

 periods when they are under many psychological pressures. Choosing the right day or time is the key to a better performance. 

Understand his fears

Every man has certain concerns, perhaps the most important of which is not satisfying his partner sexually. The role of the woman here is to accommodate these fears and make him feel reassured. The

 woman here may object that he is not trying to accommodate her fears, but we assure you that when you show enough awareness and deal with him in a way that makes him feel better about himself, he will reciprocate you.

Openness to trying new things

Routine kills the relationship and makes it turn into a repetitive pattern. Trying new things will re-motivate both partners and bring

 the fun back into the bedroom...or outside it. He can enjoy a quick relationship outside the bedroom to break the routine, or he can learn new positions or even fulfill his or her sexual fantasies. 


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