Healthy ways to lose weight after giving birth

 Healthy ways to lose weight after giving birth

The most difficult obstacle that a woman faces after childbirth is weight gain, which may be one of the causes of depression during this stage, especially since she is forced to follow a balanced diet that does not affect breastfeeding.

According to doctors, there is no harm in following some types of diets in the period immediately following childbirth, provided that they are healthy and balanced, based on eating specific types of food

 and abstaining or avoiding others that are known to be unsuitable for nursing mothers because of their negative impact on the quantity and nutritional value of breast milk.

Doctors advise women after childbirth to adhere to these instructions to ensure the preservation of her health and the health of her child while losing weight naturally:

1- Lots of benefits and few calories

This equation is the secret that guarantees good health and an ideal weight, by eating copious amounts of foods rich in vitamins and with few calories, such as vegetables and fruits, meaning that the largest share in the main meals is devoted to vegetables, while light fruits.

2- movement

If the mother is unable to reduce the number of servings or quantities, she can compensate for this through movement to burn calories in excess of the body's need. It is not necessary that they be exercises inside a specialized gym, but she can only do some

 exercises inside the house or walk in the fresh air with her child, this would help her lose weight without violating the necessary nutrition for the child.

3- Smart Snack

If ordinary people need to eat snacks that help curb hunger, a nursing mother needs more of these meals, especially after each feeding, such as eating a fruit, a small amount of nuts, popcorn without oil or salt, and so on.

4- Calorie counting

A nursing mother needs to eat only 200 to 300 calories more than her normal needs, and therefore she must calculate the calories she eats throughout the day so as not to exceed this rate.

5- Moisturizing

During this period, the mother needs to drink a large amount of water more than the usual days, as water helps to produce milk, hydrate the body and curb appetite.


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