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Healthy tips to lose weight quickly during 2022

 Healthy tips to lose weight quickly during 2022

Useful and effective health tips to lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner, published by Eat This Not That, in which it reviews the opinions of a group of nutritionists on how to lose weight successfully and properly during 2022.

Therefore, we will highlight the most important health tips provided, as they carry the best and easiest ways to lose weight in a healthy way, and will enable those who want to lose weight to spend less

 time searching for the most effective ways to burn fat, and reach the ideal weight quickly and without suffering during 2022.

From this point of view, we will learn about the most important health tips to lose weight quickly during the year 2020, based on its publication by the “It This Not That” website and supported by obesity and thinness consultant Dr. Hisham Al-Wasif from Cairo.

Healthy tips to lose weight quickly during 2022

Dr. Hisham explained that what was published by the “Eat This Not That” website, according to the opinions of many

 nutritionists, collected the most important health tips that serve as a bridge to improve general health and reach the ideal weight for life, not for a specific time stage.

Therefore, we encourage enthusiasts and those wishing to lose weight during 2022, by following the following health tips

Don't miss out on protein for breakfast

My dear, stick to eating protein-rich foods at breakfast, especially boiled eggs, beans, chickpeas, soybeans, avocados, they are one of the best types of proteins suitable in the morning, to help you feel

 full for long periods, and resist your desire to eat foods high in calories and fat even It is time for the next meal. In addition, do not

 give up the various sources of protein in the main healthy meals in general, and in small quantities, in order to feel full in the evening, especially before bed.

Choose healthy snacks

Be sure, dear, to choose healthy alternatives when you eat snacks throughout the day, for example, small amounts of raw nuts, a cup of low-fat yogurt, a small plate of oats and warm low-fat milk, a

 medium-sized piece of vegetables or low-calorie fruits, This contributes to eating healthy foods that curb your appetite and help you continue to lose weight at all times.

Support the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system

Many studies have indicated that the gut is the second brain of the body, and therefore what you feed on will affect many other processes throughout your body, especially since various studies

 have proven the impact of diet on the microbiome and beneficial bacteria in the body, so follow a healthy diet to reduce weight. Your weight is based on healthy foods to get the good bacteria in the gut, to avoid obesity in the long term.

Rely on foods rich in healthy calories

Be sure, my dear, that your choice of healthy foods rich in calories that are beneficial to your body, whether high or low, is the basis for your body's fight against the accumulation of harmful fats, and

 therefore eating small amounts of calories and through useful foods, will accelerate your weight loss quickly and in a healthy manner.

Get calories in the morning

Know, dear, that eating at night may make it difficult to control your weight in general, and this is due to the fact that the insulin that

 transports glucose into cells does not work well at night, so the best timing for your body to deal with calories may be early in the morning. Today.

Focus on foods rich in fiber

Allocate daily portions of high-fiber foods in your healthy meals to lose weight quickly, as they are able to curb your appetite, nourish your body with beneficial bacteria and regulate blood glucose levels at the same time.

Modify the free meals

All nutritionists advise to stop eating excessive amounts of foods during breaks from healthy diets designed to lose weight, meaning that you follow a diet for a few days that depends on reducing

 quantities to lose weight, and then eat large quantities more than necessary in free meals and before regular meals. Adhering to the diet again, your weight may increase twice as much as it was in the long term and not the other way around.

Finally, organize your healthy sleep periods for a period of no less than 7 hours at night, as a lifestyle and not for a temporary stage, in order to achieve a balance between the hormones that regulate

 hunger and appetite to lose your weight in a healthy and healthy manner. Always, to improve your health and lose weight without suffering, especially during 2022.


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