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Health tips after the age of forty

 Health tips after the age of forty

There are many health benefits in body building and weight training that should not be ignored after the age of 40. The older you get, the higher the chances of developing diseases associated with aging, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Women over the age of 75 usually do not have the strength to rise properly from a sitting position or maintain their balance. These physical limitations always make them dependent on others in their daily lives. A good training program will improve the general functional capabilities of women after the age of forty.

Women need a safe way to burn fat and not gain more weight after 40. There are many programs that stimulate the body's natural mechanism and help it lose weight in a healthy way. But before you follow any of these sports programs, you should do the following steps:

First: Consult a doctor before adopting any new exercise regime.

Second: Find a partner to encourage you to exercise, otherwise you have no choice but to choose a personal trainer.

Third: Select the appropriate exercises for you, as there are specific sports programs for different age groups.

Fourth: Do the exercises slowly so as not to suffer any injuries to the joints and muscles.

Fifth: It is necessary to follow a proper diet. Physical exercise alone is not enough, and a diet to lose weight will definitely benefit you, but it is not enough to give you a tight body without sagging.


Breakfast should be complete elements: protein and carbohydrates or fibers (vegetables), followed by a snack of fruits, for example, and

 then it is time for lunch, and after two or three hours another snack, then dinner, which should contain salad, fish or meat free from Fat or chicken (breast) with roast potatoes, brown rice or quinoa and some vegetables.

 exercise tips

 Always remember to warm up before you start exercising. Warming the body improves blood circulation and increases the oxygen

 capacity in the lungs, which improves breathing. It also improves the flexibility of the body and thus reduces the possibility of muscle

 injury. Start your exercise with light movements for 10 minutes, such as walking or light jogging. Then the muscle extension movements.

 After completing the weight exercises, do not forget to do some cardio exercises such as aerobic exercises. These exercises are very important, especially as they maintain low blood pressure and improve the breath.

After completing the exercise, try to do some muscle relaxation exercises to get rid of the tension and tension that usually affect the muscle after exercising.

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