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Hairstyles that make your face thin

Hairstyles that make your face thin

If you are one of the people with a full face and do many things to appear smaller and thinner through exercise, masks and creams, try

 another method, hairstyles that change the shape of your face, camouflaging its large size and giving you a brighter and more vibrant look.

1. Side bangs

Minimizes big cheeks and looks great with short and long hair.

2. The lop story

A cut that is close to the shoulders without touching them, and falls below the chin, which gives the neck more length, so the face appears thinner than its natural size.

3. Side parting

Waves with a side parting shade and smooth the extra volume of the face.

4. Top hair tie

If you want a long and thin face, lift it up in the form of a bun and allow some soft strands to sway on the sides in a semi-messy look for a casual look rich in boyhood.

5. Graduated tufts in length

For a wide and full face, graduated tufts shade the extra volume of the cheeks and jawline, and make your facial features soft. 


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