Hairstyle for exercise

 Hairstyle for exercise

Have you ever had to skip the gym and exercise for fear of ruining your hair? We all know that exercise is very important in maintaining a beautiful and fit body, but it can also be an obstacle to enjoying

 beautiful hair every day, and the look of your hair covered by sweat when you finish performing physical exertion or some exercise may not be great, but what What you don't know, perhaps, is that this sweating can damage your hair.

The effect of salt on the scalp and hair:

It is known that sweat is a mixture of water and salt in addition to some proteins.

Sweat can cause your scalp to dry out and prevent new hair from growing, and you will discover that exercise affects your hair badly when you notice that it has become brittle or lost its smoothness and density.

To keep your hair healthy before exercising:

Headband is the perfect solution to frizzy hair

The headband protects your hair from falling forward or “frizzy” during exercise, especially when the head is lowered, and also protects your ears from intense air.

Use a swim cap and moisturizer before entering the pool.

Before doing swimming or aqua exercises, be sure to use a hair conditioner that does not need to be washed before diving. A

 moisturizer will prevent the hair from absorbing the chlorine in the pool water, and the best solution is to use a swimming cap to protect your hair strands.

Dry shampoo on the roots:

Before exercising, sprinkle a little dry shampoo on the roots of the hair, as it acts as a means to absorb sweat, which may be secreted during exercises.

French braids:

It's the perfect hairstyle during workout time, as it keeps your hair in order throughout the workout, and gives it curly waves when you leave the gym.

Don't use too much products on your hair.

Try not to use a lot of lotions. These products will mix with the perspiration on your scalp and cause the hair to weigh more and stick together, giving it an annoying greasy look and a very unpleasant smell.

Stop touching your hair.

During exercise, you must run your hands over your hair a lot, either to wipe the sweat or to reshape the hairstyle, but you are helping to distribute the sweat over a larger area of ​​your hair and give it a worse greasy look. So it's best to stop touching your hair.

Take care of your hair after exercise

Smoothing curly hair:

One of the most important problems caused by sweating is the severe wrinkling of the hair, and one of the simplest tricks to get rid of this is to use a few drops of any light oil such as “jojoba” oil. Massage the hair with simple drops of oil while combing it using an appropriate comb.

When you go to the swimming pool and the swimming cap is causing you inconvenience:

Use a purifying shampoo to get rid of chlorine residue, which leads to dry and harsh hair, and can also turn blonde dye into green, so be careful.

Starch powder, instead of dry shampoo, is “more”:

Sprinkle a little starch powder on the scalp with a good massage and then get rid of the excess residue. Then comb your hair well. The starch helps to get rid of the sebum deposited on the scalp.

Moisturizing the hair without washing it:

After completing the exercises, you may not have enough time to wash your hair, but in this case, you should moisturize your hair strands using a moisturizing hair spray.

Give your hair a chance to dry after you finish exercising.

Don't loosen your hair quickly after you've finished exercising, and don't take off your headband. Leave it to dry a little so that the sweat does not affect your hair and become frizzy. And so you don't catch

 the flu when your wet scalp is suddenly exposed to air. You can use a cool air dryer to speed up the process. Avoid using hot air; Because it will make the scalp produce more sweat which will spoil your hairstyle.


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