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Habits to stop to remove the rumen

Habits to stop to remove the rumen

Do you suffer from the accumulation of the rumen after the fatty Ramadan meals, which hinders you from wearing the clothes you want, then you need to lose the stubborn fat and remove the rumen

 that prevents you from wearing what you love, but most importantly, it can also destroy your health and cause you obesity, diabetes, joint pain, high cholesterol .

Omission of a routine exercise is a very healthy habit that not only helps us lose weight, but is beneficial to our health in general, only

when it is done regularly. When a person exercises only two days a week or a few days a month, it can only increase hunger levels, and lead to the accumulation of more belly fat, rather than burning it!

Skipping foods rich in probiotics such as yoghurt; Because probiotics regulate the hormone ghrelin that helps lose belly fat.

- eating unhealthy foods; This causes obesity, high cholesterol and excess body fat.

Emotional hunger, which is eating when you are usually sad, anxious, stressed or even happy; Which causes an increase in belly fat.

omit raw vegetables with fiber; Because of their benefit in improving metabolism and raising the metabolic rate, if your diet does not contain enough vegetables, it can be difficult to lose belly fat.

- Consumption of canned drinks, excessive consumption of canned juices; They contain high amounts of sugar and preservatives, which increase your waistline. 


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