Green tea diet method to lose 1 kilo in one day

Green tea diet method to lose 1 kilo in one day

Following any quick diet can help you lose weight and regain fitness in a very short period. That is why it is recommended to rely on some temporary diets while not exaggerating in it to prevent a deficiency

 in some nutrients. Among the shortest of these diets is the green tea and milk diet, which helps to blow up some of the fat that accumulates in different areas of the body, to lose a kilogram in just one day.


Benefits of green tea and milk diet

The need for a quick diet appears after gaining many kilograms due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. This means eating fatty foods rich in sugar, in addition to sitting for a long time, not exercising and not

 sleeping enough hours. This leads to the accumulation of toxins and fats in different areas of the body. It is possible by following the diet of green tea and milk, for example, to get rid of them and sculpt the

 body easily, knowing that it protects against heart disease, arteries and diabetes. Therefore, it is recommended to follow it for one day, provided that this recipe is first prepared.


Two tablespoons of dried green tea leaves

liters of natural milk


1 Put the milk in a pot and put on the fire after adding green tea to it.

2 Leave the mixture to boil and then leave to cool for 20 minutes, then filter and ready to drink.

3 In order to benefit from the properties of this milk, you must drink a cup of it once every two hours for 10 days. In parallel, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet with regular exercise.


Ingredients Benefits


the milk

It contains a high percentage of calcium, which is beneficial for bone health, and a lot of proteins, potassium and magnesium, which limit the effect of aging on the body and skin and prevent spots.

Green tea

It is an important ally for people who want to lose weight. It contains the component lutein, which stimulates the metabolism process and slows down the absorption of fats and carbohydrates by the body. It is also a source of effective antioxidants that purify the body of toxins.

Alternative recipe

If you do not want to drink milk, you can replace the green tea and goat milk recipe with another easy and popular recipe to get the same effect.


sliced ​​lemon


1 tablespoon of grated ginger

A few mint leaves

liters of water


1 Put the lemon pieces in a glass jug along with the cucumber pieces, ginger, mint leaves and water.

2 Leave the mixture to rest in the refrigerator overnight.

3 The next day, you can have a glass of the mixture water before breakfast. It is useful to follow this diet daily for 15 days. Attention should be paid not to applying this diet to lose weight more than 3 times a year.

the benefits

- Cucumber is an effective ingredient on the list of any diet that helps to blast fat and lose weight quickly because it contains a high percentage of water. This means that eating it helps to feel full for as long as possible during the day.

Lemon is rich in fiber that promotes digestion and reduces the desire to eat in the period between meals.

Ginger stimulates the process of burning fat, especially those that accumulate in the abdominal area. But you should pay attention not to apply this diet in the case of pregnancy and lactation, as well as by people who suffer from blood diseases. 


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