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Great exercises to tighten sagging them

 Great exercises to tighten sagging them

.. Great exercises to tighten the sagging breasts.. Apply them and now to the details:

Follow up - Samah Ismail

Women seek by all means to keep fat from accumulating in the breast. So it doesn't look flabby. Which makes them lose confidence in their appearance.

Therefore, we will present some exercises to help tighten the sagging breasts, namely:

1. Weight Lifting Exercise:

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the breasts, and is applied as follows:

After standing straight, and picking up the weight with each palm, so that the elbow with the arm makes a right angle, the hands are raised to the chest, not to the neck, with the legs slightly apart from each other, so the hands are lowered.

2. Shoulder Press

This exercise is effective in burning breast fat, tightening the shoulder muscles, and requires sitting on a chair, holding the weight in each palm, and raising it, taking into account the fixation of the

 arms at a right angle, the straightening of the elbows relative to the shoulders, and the arms forward, with return to the first position.

3. Butterfly exercise:

This exercise helps in burning breast fat, tightening their muscles prominently, in addition to strengthening the muscles of the arms and shoulders, and performs as follows:

After standing, straight, holding in each palm a weight ranging from two to three kilograms, according to endurance, and extending the arms to the sides, then covering the chest area from the front completely, similar to a butterfly.


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