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Give up these wrong habits for the success of dieting and weight loss

 Give up these wrong habits for the success of dieting and weight loss

The dream of many who suffer from weight gain problems is to have a slim and healthy body, so some women resort to diets and many weight loss programs. 

But sometimes, we are surprised that no matter how hard we try, we do not lose weight and the suffering is still the same.

But do not worry, my dear, this is a common occurrence, as there are many wrong habits and behaviors that we must stop doing in our daily lives, which affect our goal of reaching a healthy weight and a slim body.

Here are the most important wrong habits that you must give up for the success of dieting and weight loss:

The effect of the scale indicator on the psychological state

Taking your weight permanently does not reflect the reality of your weight and may cause you frustration and decrease your resolve, and the feeling that all the efforts you make in dieting and exercising do not work. 

So do not make just the number that appears on the scale a cause of psychological fatigue, and avoid measuring your weight daily and if necessary do it once every two weeks.

Exercising without enthusiasm

Some prefer to run, while others prefer to exercise in the gym or a dedicated hall.

 Whatever your choice, the important thing is not to feel that physical exertion is a burden or something forced upon you. This would cause

 you a kind of stress and negative psychological challenge because any wrong choice can cancel any motivation on the subjective level.

 Therefore, choose the sport that suits your nature and provides you with personal pleasure and comfort to maintain activity and impulse.

Skipping meals

Many people, when they want to lose weight, resort to neglecting the main meals and being satisfied with only one or two meals

 throughout the day, believing that this will reduce the calories derived from food and thus reduce weight. 

In fact, in this case, you resort to eating large amounts of foods rich in fat and high in calories, especially before bedtime, which leads to

 the body's inability to get rid of those calories due to the slowing down of its metabolism during sleep.

eat fast

Eating quickly increases the odds of unconsciously eating unhealthy food and excessive amounts. Allocate an appropriate time for each meal and try to focus on the taste of food as much as you can and

 enjoy it, and do not interrupt the eating session, whether to talk on the phone, have an electronic conversation, watch TV, or while walking and driving a car.

negative view of your body

Do not hate the details of your body, and your external appearance. A negative body image can have serious consequences such as an

 increased risk of depression, psychological stress, and cessation of healthy activities and a healthy lifestyle.

 Focus on the positive aspects of your body and replace the negative thoughts associated with personal issues, such as appearance and

 self-confidence, with positive ones, and thus you will definitely be able to identify the areas in your body that need improvement and work on making them more beautiful.


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