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Get rid of stress and psychological pressure with a nut!

 Get rid of stress and psychological pressure with a nut!

Our diaries contain a lot of events that can cause feelings of stress, stress, annoyance and discomfort. There are many psychological and sports techniques that may help to get rid of this feeling and its

 psychological and health consequences. But you can also use very simple and easy methods like the two walnut trick. Here's how to apply it.

Walnut trick to relieve stress

There are many ways that help reduce the level of stress and reduce the feeling of psychological pressure, with the negative psychological and physical effects that this entails. One of those

 ways is related to eating some foods or plant extracts that stimulate the production of hormones associated with happiness and calm.

 Some of them are based on practicing some meditation and breathing exercises and undergoing massage sessions... But it is also possible to achieve the same goal using the trick of two walnuts.

Applying this method requires only two unpeeled nuts. After that, these steps must be taken: Put the two walnuts on the palm of the hand and turn slowly with the fingers while applying light pressure

 on them and focusing on breathing deeply and regularly. It is sufficient to practice this exercise for a few minutes. This helps to

 feel relaxed and to get rid of stress and the negative effects of accumulated stress. This method can be applied whenever the need arises.

But it is preferable not to do this in some cases, such as the first trimester of pregnancy. It is also prohibited for people who suffer from skin diseases, breathing disorders, or heart problems.

In normal cases, it can be used to get rid of the effects of psychological discomfort, tension and pressure, with the consequences and dangerous health problems that may result.


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