Get rid of flabby belly fat fast

 Get rid of flabby belly fat fast

Abdominal fat is not only a source of inconvenience for its flabby shape, but it is also a source of harm to your health and causes a feeling of heaviness, lethargy and lack of movement as its size

 increases, so do not allow fat in your body to accumulate in unpleasant areas, and if you suffer from this problem you can get rid of it quickly by several means. As "Al-Jamila" explains it to you, with Dr. Lama Saad El-Din Mahmoud, a physiotherapist, in the following lines:

Ways to get rid of belly fat

First: Exercises that help you burn belly fat quickly

Abdominal exercises help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and tighten loose skin, so stick to doing them 10 times for each exercise at three intervals daily, and the exercises are:

First exercise:

Lie on the sports floor, bend your knees a little, then put your hands behind your head, raise your head with your shoulders and your back forward, hold for 5 seconds and repeat.

The second exercise:

Lie down and put your hands behind your head, raise your legs forward 90 degrees, hold for 5 seconds, then rest and repeat.

Third exercise:

Lie on your back with your knees bent, press with your lower back on the mattress, suck your belly in, and count to the number 10, then

 rest and repeat 10 times, and you can also do the exercise by standing with your back to the wall, and press your back to the wall, and follow the above.

Fourth exercise:

Continuous liposuction, at all times according to your ability while walking, sitting or standing, helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Running and walking: helps you burn the accumulated fat, and commit to doing it daily for at least half an hour.

Secondly, be careful with your food

You must do the following:

Stop binge eating sugar, and avoid sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

Eat more protein in a healthy, fat-free way, as it is the best long-term method; Because it will not only help you lose weight, but also help you avoid gaining extra weight.

Reduce carbohydrates from your diet such as pasta, rice and white bread; Because it helps in the formation and accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area.

Eat foods rich in fiber; Because it dissolves quickly in the stomach, and does not form fats that accumulate in it, but rather reduces belly fat and makes you feel full for long periods and reduces appetite, such as vegetable foods, such as: vegetables, fruits, oats.

Drink three cups a day of green tea without sugar, it burns the accumulated fat, and also helps you reduce your weight.

Third: Tips to avoid belly fat

Here are some tips to help you avoid belly fat:

Sleep is between 8 and 10 hours a day.

Do not stop doing simple exercises, such as: walking, liposuction.

Drink plenty of water, about 8 glasses a day.

Do not forget your healthy breakfast, it gives you energy; So as not to be lazy and activate your body's burning of excess fat.


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