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Fruit diet to lose weight 4 kg per week

 Fruit diet to lose weight 4 kg per week

We are all looking for a short-term diet, which makes us lose weight quickly and in a record period.

 For this reason, many people may resort to following harsh diets that help them achieve their goal and reach the weight that satisfies them.

Among the diets that allow weight loss in a record way, the famous fruit diet stands out for its ability to lose 4 kilograms of your weight in just a week.

The advantage of a fruit diet is that when you follow it, you will get a lot of benefits for the body, as fruits contain a group of many vitamins and fiber, which also stimulate bowel movement and reduce cholesterol in the blood.

What is a fruit diet?

It is a vegetarian diet par excellence, based on eating fruits for one week. In addition, you can, dear, eat non-starchy vegetables, dried fruits and raw nuts. In short, it is a strict and fast diet. 

It is forbidden to eat grains, cooked foods and of course processed foods.

Fruits intended for dieting include pear fruits, apples, oranges and tangerines.

As for the vegetables that you can eat, they are cucumber, lettuce, watercress, beans, zucchini, eggplant, okra, coriander, parsley, zucchini, provided that they are fresh and cooked without oil with the

 broth, with the need to drink large amounts of water daily, including at least 6 cups and Natural juices without sugar, which greatly helps to dissolve fat and lose weight.

If you want to follow a fruit diet, you can, for example, eat meals for a week as follows:

First day

Breakfast: an apple + an orange.

Lunch: a plate of fruit salad.

Dinner: a plate of fruit salad, and when you feel hungry, eat the fruit.

the second day

Breakfast: 3 cucumbers + carrots + lettuce.

Lunch: a plate of vegetable salad from the vegetables allowed during the diet, provided that it is boiled with chicken broth and without oil.

Dinner: a green salad.

the third day

Breakfast: a plate of a mixture of allowed fruits and vegetables, as desired.

Lunch: vegetables only, no meat.

Dinner: a plate of fruit salad or green salad.

the fourth day

Breakfast: 2 bananas + a glass of low-fat milk, preferably skimmed.

Lunch: 3 bananas + 2 cups of low-fat or fat-free milk.

Dinner: 3 bananas + a glass of low-fat or skimmed milk.

Fifth, sixth and seventh day

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + a glass of low-fat or fat-free milk or a glass of orange juice or fresh unsweetened grapefruit.

Lunch: grilled chicken, meat, or fish, or in the oven.

Dinner: a plate of green salad or a plate of fruit salad.

Fruits diet side effects

Since it is one of the harsh diets, before starting to follow it, you should consult a doctor to ensure the safety of the body and its freedom from diseases and to identify the possibility of following the diet or not.

And in order to get the best results, the person needs to adhere to and apply the diet to the fullest, provided that one stops following the diet after the seventh day, regardless of the circumstances or reasons.

The fruit diet depends on eating specific types of fruits only, which may cause some diseases due to the lack of other food sources such

 as carbohydrates, protein and calcium, which may pose health risks to the body.

 Also, complete dependence on a diet of fruits leads to the body not getting enough of the important vitamins, such as vitamin

 B12, which is responsible for transmitting nerve signals in the body and producing red blood cells to transport food to all parts of the body.

In addition to the negative aspects of the fruit diet, eating fruits constantly leads to a rise in blood sugar, and therefore all the

 carbohydrates that fruits provide us with will turn into fats that are stored in the body if they exceed the required limit, and this type of mono-diets affects the body with fatigue and Tired.

And since these fast diets do not help to organize a healthy lifestyle, of course there is a great risk that you will return to your previous weight and gain weight again as soon as you stop dieting.


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