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From breastfeeding .. When does your child start exercising?

 From breastfeeding .. When does your child start exercising?

Exercise is usually the most appropriate and most important choice to reach the perfect body and slim figure, which is always recommended by nutritionists and fitness trainers, for body composition and detoxing, as well as getting rid of negative energy.

Although many people start regular exercise during adolescence or young adulthood, many specialists advise practicing it since childhood, to form the bones of the body.

Many mothers fall into a crisis of not choosing the right sports for their children, or helping them to practice it from the beginning, which may affect them in the future.

When do children start exercising?

According to Captain Mohamed Wajih, a fitness trainer, the infant can exercise with the help of his mother, at the age of several months, saying: “The most important need for stretching exercises

 that the mother can help him with is that she moves his legs to maintain the softness of joints and bones for 5 minutes. daily,” continuing: “It is preferable after the child is exposed to sunlight, to obtain an adequate percentage of vitamin D.”

What sports are suitable for our children..not always swimming

Regarding choosing the appropriate exercise, Wajih, during his speech to “Hun”, indicated that it is better to leave the children to practice all sports, and then choose the right one for them: “It is not

 always swimming, not even gymnastics. He must choose between football, basketball, or Flying, and it is possible to row, he must play and try and choose the sport that will qualify him physically.”

When do children carry heavy weights?

The fitness trainer warned against carrying children weights before puberty, stressing that it is the appropriate age to carry medium-sized weights, and then gradually carry out heavy weights, so as not to cause deformations or obstacles for them.


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