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For men.. Sports tips before and during exercise “to keep Jimawy right”

For men.. Sports tips before and during exercise “to keep Jimawy right”

Men usually resort to gyms, especially in the summer, to get an ideal athletic body suitable for going out with light clothes in hot weather, but there are some tips for men who go to gyms and gyms to

 follow, to get the best results from daily exercises and exercise, and the following These tips are according to what was stated in the specialized "Men's Health" website.

Tips for men in the gym

Try new exercises

Men stick to the same exercise routines to increase their fitness, so you should explore new and effective ways to do different types of exercise to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and do effective sports.

Flexibility exercises

There are many differences in the body between men and women, and one of those differences is that women are more flexible than men, and flexibility is very important in exercise, so make sure to

 stretch your muscles regularly to help move efficiently, and these exercises help to stay without injuries, and can It relaxes your

 muscles, thus reducing tension, and the hamstrings for men, shoulders and lower back should work more efficiently than other areas of the body.

Some exercises should be done slowly

Men in gyms usually play very quickly, because they tend to have a very competitive spirit, but some exercises have to be done slowly or else it leads to big problems, lifting weights for example, when done

 slowly, you increase the amount of tension in your muscles, At the same time it increases blood flow, which means that you help develop and increase muscle mass.

A holistic approach to fitness is required

Men have to be like women at that point, as they are better than males at taking a holistic approach to fitness. This means that they

 are involved physically, mentally and emotionally with their fitness programmes. Holistic training methods can improve physical fitness.

There are other benefits to a holistic approach to fitness, including reduced stress levels and improved bone health. So, to take

 advantage of these and other benefits, explore some of the many different holistic fitness techniques.

I need to take a break from sports

One of the most important tips that men should follow for fitness, is rest and recover properly between sessions, which can make you feel

 like you are doing the best thing for your body, but not giving you a rest between workouts will cause you to suffer from burn, loss of motivation and damage in general more of benefit.

You should spend a whole day resting from sports

When you rest and then train again, you will benefit more from the training, which means that you should take a day off from training every 2-3 days at a minimum, and avoid doing any strenuous effort on those days. 


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