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For men.. 4 simple changes in your life system that will restore your youth

 For men.. 4 simple changes in your life system that will restore your youth

“Looking that makes you younger than your real age” and the desire for good health and avoiding blood pressure disease, are all goals for men that can be achieved through simple changes and sports

 activities, and by getting used to practicing them, constantly, you will certainly reach the desired result.

According to "menshealth", the site concerned with men's health, which presented 4 simple changes for men that enable them to maintain health, physical and mental fitness, and give them the opportunity to sleep at night better.

Do 40 push-ups

A previous study of more than 1,100 firefighters, who do more than 40 push-ups per day, was found to have the least risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack or stroke.

Practicing these exercises 3 times a week, works to strengthen the total muscle of the body associated with good blood pressure and

 metabolic health, and you can divide the 40 times throughout the day, practice what you can and then rest for 10 seconds and complete the remaining 40.

High-fiber carbohydrates

According to a study issued by The New England Journal of Medicine, people whose diets contain a low percentage of fiber and substances that raise blood sugar, the incidence of cardiovascular

 diseases is higher by about 14%, and reliance on these meals reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Good cholesterol and triglycerides.

blood pressure control

If high blood pressure can damage all parts of your body, it is important to stay calm and avoid stress levels, and according to

 cardiologist Christopher Kelly, M.D., of UNC Health Care, stress throughout the day leads to high blood pressure during Waking up, and excessive stress leads to excessive smoking.

Get rid of insomnia

One of the good tips that you should follow is to close the screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime, because light stops the body's

 production of melatonin, which stimulates sleep, and it causes you to insomnia and stress and do not stop thinking.


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