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Follow these steps before you go to sleep

 Follow these steps before you go to sleep

Sleep is very necessary for your beauty, during this period the hormonal and metabolic secretions are balanced, which helps to get beautiful and refreshed skin in the morning. It is necessary to have

 the appropriate atmosphere and conditions for a peaceful sleep in order to allow these physiological processes to take place correctly.


Stress and anxiety are among the most important reasons that hinder a good sleep, and therefore it is necessary to relax and get rid of anxiety. Some simple steps make this task easier for you, such as

 drinking a hot cup of calming herbs such as chamomile and mint, or inhaling some essential oils that calm the mood such as lavender extracts.

Pay attention to your breathing

One of the confusing indicators of sleeping hours is the wrong way of breathing, so it is necessary to practice some special exercises such as yoga and meditation, which get you used to taking a deep breath through the nose and taking it out of the mouth.

Night care products

There are bedtime creams that contain large amounts of water, useful for working women who work hard during the day, as they make the skin look more refreshed every morning. Make sure to clean your

 skin every evening, no matter how tired you are, and moisturize it with an appropriate cream accompanied by gentle patting movements that allow the cream to penetrate well under the layers of

 the skin before placing your head on the pillow. If your skin is dry, use moisturizing oils to massage the skin and mix it with the night cream to be absorbed into the depths of the skin layers.

Take a shower before bed

Lying in a hot water bath helps a lot to relax the entire muscles of the body and make them surrender to deep sleep, so it is necessary to give this opportunity to your body every night before going to sleep.

 Giving the skin moisturizing and soothing oils and soaking the body with healing salts encourage relaxation, and this is what you want in the evening after a long day fraught with responsibilities and fatigue.

Always check your pillow

It is necessary for the pillow to be comfortable and medical, and the same for the entire bed. In fact, you spend a third of your life sleeping and a comfortable, medical and natural bed is necessary to avoid many health problems that may affect you.

Try yoga

Yoga is a great way to deeply relax and relieve stress and anxiety that may be holding you back in the evening. Avoid reading in bed or watching TV and electronic devices that accompany you to the bedroom, and replace that time with lying down and meditating.

Balanced eating in the evening

It is necessary to pay attention to the way you eat, especially in the evening and before the few hours before bedtime. A recent Japanese study revealed that tryptophan acid, which is abundant in milk, fish

 and almonds, is a wonderful amino acid that increases melatonin levels, which is the sleep hormone. On the other hand, foods rich in fats, sugars and proteins should be avoided because they raise adrenaline levels.

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