Flat stomach and slim waist oil

 Flat stomach and slim waist oil

Every woman seeks to maintain her ideal waist circumference, which does not exceed 60 to 80 cm by resorting to any means to keep these centimeters as they are, so the first thing that comes to our mind is

 the following: How do fashion models maintain their waist size in summer or winter On the street or on TV, in loose or tight clothes, before or after sports, all models have flat stomachs and slim waists, whatever the circumstances. What helps them, you see, to preserve

 On this permanent fit? What is the secret of their small waist?

In a recent American study, research and experiments revealed that eating 30 grams of coconut oil per day from each obese person for a month helped him lose about 3 centimeters of the total waist circumference.

These studies came after a global model belonging to the "Victoria Secret" fashion models revealed that she consumes coconut oil daily in order to maintain her slimness in general and the thinnest of her waist in particular.

Mona Al Yamani, an Egyptian beauty expert, presents the simplest way to use and eat coconut oil; In order to achieve a slim waist similar to the waist of models without the need to do the effort of exercise, and other difficult tricks:

Coconut oil is known to contain useful natural acids that help stimulate metabolism and the process of burning fat, and prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen and waist area in

 particular. It has a delicious and light taste that can go with a wide variety of foods and drinks. Perhaps the best way to use it is to add it to your green tea or your glass of milk. Note that you can eat three to six teaspoons per day of this oil.


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