Fitness Coach: Housekeeping Burns Calories Faster Than Exercising

Fitness Coach: Housekeeping Burns Calories Faster Than Exercising

Some feel bored and tired from the daily house cleaning work, as they treat it as a routine effort imposed on them, without realizing the

 various benefits of that process, and the important role it plays in burning calories, which are accumulated in the body.

Surprisingly, the importance of household chores exceeds expectations, according to fitness coach Henry Seblajeviks, who

 revealed that an average cleaning session at home can burn calories faster than a short exercise session, according to the German news agency.

The fitness trainer indicated that the best way to start cleaning the house is to listen to music and dance, especially since the amount of fat that can be burned during simple cleaning tasks is very high, and therefore it is worth looking for a way to stimulate.

Calories lost by housework

window cleaning

Movements made while cleaning the window burn up to 320 calories per hour, according to the “Times of India” website.

Climbing and descending the stairs

The process of going up and down the stairs contributes to improving endurance, and if you want to burn more calories, through the

 process of cleaning the stairs, 15 minutes of scanning, burns about 200 calories, while cleaning the land, can burn about 75 calories. Thermal at the same time, and is an exercise for the arms.


You may not know that 30 minutes of vacuuming, using a vacuum cleaner, can burn approximately 90 calories.

dish washing

The process of washing dishes by hands, burns more than about 160 calories, in just 30 minutes.

Dust off

30 minutes of dusting the furniture indoors, burns about 50 calories.


30 minutes of ironing, helps burn about 70 calories, and works to reshape the muscles in the upper body.

Painting and decorating the house

Re-painting and decorating the home, and remodeling the decor, burn about 160 calories at a time.

Taking care of plants

Spending 30 minutes caring for plants indoors, burns 115 calories. 


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