Fitness and health of your body .. in a cup of Arabic coffee!

 Fitness and health of your body .. in a cup of Arabic coffee!

You are interested in the health and fitness of your body, of course, and by following your social media, you notice of course the spread of the “fashion” of drinks that cleanse the body of toxins and help

 reduce weight, and that include in its composition some natural ingredients, such as lemon, cucumber, ginger and green mint, but the problem is that they It usually takes time to prepare, and it is not the most delicious drink to start your day with, and it is not available in cafes and social gatherings.. What is the alternative?

Arabic coffee, the queen of Gulf hospitality, is the magical drink that accompanies us in the most beautiful sessions.

Although coffee is not used to cleanse the body of toxins, its benefits are also in the service of fitness, which was reported by "Al-Jamila", a nutritionist, Ms. May Chatila, confirming the existence of a direct relationship between Arabic coffee and weight loss, by saying:

Drinking Arabic coffee on a daily basis curbs excess appetite and stimulates the metabolism process, which helps burn body fat. As for the caffeine in coffee beans, it helps revitalize the body and give it the energy needed for exercise.

Arabic coffee is a natural analgesic for pain caused by muscle spasms, as a result of intense exercise.. Since everything that exceeds its limit turns into its opposite, moderation must be observed in

 drinking Arabic coffee, that is, in a quantity ranging from one cup to 4 cups per day, as a maximum. I advise those who suffer from digestive diseases, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, problems with heart functions and insomnia, not to consume Arabic coffee daily, and not to exceed two cups each time.

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