Fast walking for fitness and getting rid of depression

Fast walking for fitness and getting rid of depression

Walking is known to keep you healthy, but in order to get fit and increase your endurance, you must do brisk walking! One of the biggest enthusiasts of this method is Nina Barough, founder of Walk

 The Walk and author of Walking for Fitness. "I think it's a great method," she says. "After a few minutes, my shoulders are relaxed and the air fills my lungs. After 30 minutes of brisk walking, all the problems seem insignificant and I feel great!"

Who benefits from it?

Anyone who wants to get fit, energetic and energetic. There are many benefits to brisk walking, but for us girls, brisk walking helps relieve stress, depression, menopausal symptoms, improves sleep, improves skin complexion, and helps prevent osteoporosis.


How many times?

"It's important to build up your stamina and gradually increase your speed," says Nina. "Start by walking a half mile or a mile, at a pace that's comfortable for you, and every day if you can get used to it. Stretch on days when you can't walk. To increase your flexibility and strength.

what are you wearing?

Of course, you should wear good sports shoes. Nina suggests wearing light shoes that give you flexibility and enough room for your toes, so they have enough room to stretch while you "toe

 yourself". Completely avoid pointed sneakers, and always make sure that there is a space of two toes between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.

How do you master it?

What achieves results with this method is a combination of speed and the right technique. Here is some useful information.

Check your body position. Distribute your weight evenly with your feet slightly open. Make sure the back of your knees are directly above your heels and your hips are slightly forward. The chest should be high.

Improve your breathing. Breathe deeply. And when you inhale do not let your belly protrude forward. While breathing, the shoulders should move together slightly. As you breathe in, you should feel the rib cage move. Aim to expand your upper body rather than moving it upward.

Watch your feet. During brisk walking, your pelvis and hip area should move freely. When you take a step forward, bend your foot and hit the ground with your heel. Return to the foot with the ball of the foot and push yourself using your toes.

Move your arms. As you walk, swing your arms against your feet, bent at the elbows at a 90-degree angle, with hands slightly closed. Keep your elbows close to your body and don't bring your hands below your waist.


Are you excited to get started?

Buy the book that has helped so many people take a brisk walk. Nina Barough's book Walking For Fitness will help get you started. 

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