Exercising for women during pregnancy may not help in losing weight

Exercising for women during pregnancy may not help in losing weight

The practice of physical exercises by women during pregnancy may not help them in reducing weight, and now to the details:

A recent Brazilian study showed that exercise during pregnancy is safe for both the mother and the baby, but these exercises do not help these women to avoid gaining excess weight during pregnancy.

The researchers chose a sample of 82 overweight women in the second pregnancy, then divided the sample into two groups. The first group went to weekly exercise classes in addition to advice on proper

 healthy nutrition, weight gain, home exercises or daily walks, while the second group received childcare advice without Any additional

 information on exercise, regardless of whether they undergo group or home exercises, about half of the women gained more weight than allowed.

Previous studies have proven that there are no benefits of exercise in controlling the excess weight that affects some women during pregnancy, whether they follow a diet or not. The Institute of

 Medicine in the United States recommended that overweight women try to control their weight during pregnancy, by not gaining weight more than 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy, and obese women with

 a weight of no more than 11 to 20 kilograms during pregnancy, which is the amount that is less than the weight Allowed for women of normal weight.

The mother’s gaining extra weight during pregnancy increases the chances of having a large baby, which needs a caesarean section to deliver the fetus, and this also increases the risk of the children

 developing birth defects or becoming obese in the future. And a researcher at the University of Cleveland School of Medicine, Dr. Patrick Catalano, warned that a woman who gains excess weight

 during pregnancy often retains it after that, and added that starting to exercise or follow a diet to lose weight in mid-pregnancy may not work as much as this occurs in the beginning of pregnancy. or even

 before it. He said, "There is no doubt about the importance of physical exercises for women, but the more advanced the woman is in pregnancy, the more difficult it is to practice such exercises." 


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