Exercises to tighten the flabby body and burn fat

 Exercises to tighten the flabby body and burn fat

In the winter, we all want to know what are the best exercises to tighten the flabby body and burn fat. During the cold season, physical activities such as walking outside are not done, and more

 foods rich in fat and sugar are eaten. This is why it is possible to gain weight. In order to prevent this, it is useful to learn how to do some exercises that help tighten the body and dissolve harmful fats that accumulate in different areas of it.

Bodyweight and fat burning exercises

It's easy to do sagging bodyweight and fat burning exercises at home. It is enough to learn this through the videos published by some of the most famous coaches. These are the most prominent and most effective of those exercises.

Sit and roll exercise

1 In order to practice this exercise, you must sit on the ground with the knees bent to form a 45-degree angle with the legs.

2 The feet are raised slightly upwards.

3 After this, the hands should be moved together to the right and then to the left, taking care not to fold the sides and not to move the back as much as possible. It is useful to repeat the exercise 10 times within 3 rounds. It can be practiced with weights or the ball.


Side Squat

 1 This exercise can be done easily at home. For this, you must first take a squatting position, ie bending the lower part of the body down and back with the knees folded.

2 The forearms and arms are extended forward, and it is better to bring the two fists together in front of the chest.

3 Lower as much as possible and then restore the original position. It is important to repeat this movement from 10 to 15 times within 3 sets.

 push up

1 is one of the best exercises to tighten the flabby body and burn fat. In order to practice it, lie on the stomach with the palms of the hands on the ground below the shoulders.

2 The next step is to raise the body off the ground based on the palms of the hands and the toes of the feet.

3 Repeat the up and down movement in 3 sets of 10 moves each. It is very useful to do this daily to get the best results.


Tips to tighten body sagging

In order to tighten the sagging areas of the body, it is very important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. In this context, proper exercise must be exercised first. It is also important to apply some useful tips.

It is important to shower with warm water before doing any exercise.

After this is done, it is best to take a shower with cold water, which works to tighten the skin and reduce its sagging.

It is necessary to refrain from consuming drinks and foods that contain a lot of harmful fats and sugars. In this case, it is better to

 replace it with fruits and vegetables, while drinking at least 8 medium-sized cups of water per day, and practicing exercises to tighten the flabby body and burn fat.


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