Exercises to increase height naturally

 Exercises to increase height naturally

Short stature is usually not something that many women like. They wish they were of high stature and have long legs like fashion models. This wish is not impossible. You can get additional length by doing some exercises, including:

1- Swimming: To increase your height, let your body float above the water and try to do some exercise during that to tighten the body and help stretch the muscles. Swimming for two hours a day at least 4 times a week.

2- Cobra stretch: An easy exercise that requires you to lie straight on your stomach, place your palms under your shoulders in an even manner, then raise your chin to the top and stay in this position for 10 seconds before returning to the basic position.

3- Toes touch exercise: Sit and extend your feet forward while keeping your back straight and try to touch your toes without twisting your back.

4- The pull-up exercise: This is the most famous and most effective exercise in the world. It must be done regularly to maintain the health of the body and increase height quickly, and it must be

 practiced for 30 minutes a week, by hanging down a strong horizontal column, you can place it at the top of your room door using your arms with your spine extended outward and maintain this position for a period 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times as much as you can.

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