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Exercises to get rid of ureter stones

 Exercises to get rid of ureter stones

Exercises to get rid of ureteral stones, physical activity may play an important role in getting rid of stones, in addition to the importance of exercise in maintaining weight, and this depends mainly on the size and location of the stone.

If the situation allows and the doctor allows this, there is no objection to doing exercises naturally that may have an effect in moving and lowering the ureter stones after consulting the doctor to find out the

 best sports activities that the injured can practice. But if you feel a strange sensation while exercising or have pain in the abdomen or lower back, stop immediately.

Here are the best exercises to get rid of ureter stones, according to my health website.

Walking to get rid of ureteral stones

It is considered one of the best exercises on all levels, and it is also useful for getting rid of ureteral stones and lowering them. To this end, it is recommended to practice walking for at least 30 minutes a

 day, and this exercise plays an important role in the inability to form a stone in the ureter area. When walking, it is best to wear

 comfortable cotton clothes and comfortable shoes to walk without any obstacles or problems, in order to be able to get rid of the ureteral stone quickly and effectively.

Running to get rid of ureteral stones

It is recommended to do this exercise provided that you have sufficient physical fitness and after consulting a doctor and allowing the health of the body to do so.

 When starting to exercise, it is recommended to start gradually, to accelerate the pace little by little. It is also preferable to resort to warming up first before embarking on a brisk walk for about half an hour and then a proper run.

Climbing and descending stairs to get rid of ureteral stones

This exercise is good not only to maintain body fitness and cardiovascular health, but also to get rid of ureteral stone and bring it down quickly.

 This exercise is due to the fact that climbing and descending stairs helps activate the kidneys and improves its function, as well as activates blood circulation and various other parts of the body, which is positively reflected on the disposal of toxins and waste from the body.

Dancing to get rid of ureter stones

Just doing the movements, whether belly dancing, Zumba, or any dance that has movements and moving the body a little, can get rid of ureter stones, and help the ureter stone to descend faster and better.


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