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Exercises to get rid of the rumen for women in a week

 Exercises to get rid of the rumen for women in a week

Exercises to get rid of the rumen for women in a week are one of the solutions that women resort to to get rid of this haunting issue and the appearance of annoying and stubborn sagging in this particular area.

It is true that the ideal healthy diet helps to get rid of the rumen and expel the accumulated toxins from the body, but exercise has a big

 role as well, if you keep doing it daily and without getting tired or bored.

It is also not possible to get rid of the rumen completely in one week, but a week is enough to start reducing these fats and

 bloating, especially since continuing to adopt the necessary steps in your daily lifestyle will help you achieve your goal and reach the ideal body.

In our report today from “Heya”, we put in your hands 5 exercises to get rid of the rumen that will achieve the desired results for you without the need to go to the gym or commit to intensive exercise

 sessions, especially with the absence of time between work and family life to take care of fitness and specific sports dates.

Exercises to get rid of the rumen for women in a week

first exercise

First start with the basic plank movement, bearing the weight of your entire body on the heels of your feet and resting on the palms of your hands. 

In the next movement, raise and bend the right foot to the side and bring it towards your right elbow, and the left foot bring it towards the left elbow as in the picture. Repeat the process for each foot separately.

second exercise

Lie on the floor and raise your shoulders off the ground, and put your hands behind your head. Lift your feet and bend them 90 degrees in the air, keeping your calf muscles parallel to the floor.

 Then make an alternating movement between the two legs, similar to the movement of riding a bicycle.

The third exercise

First stand next to any chair or box, put one foot on the chair, lift yourself with the other foot towards the chair and bend it 90 degrees

 in front of your body, and leave the first foot by placing it on the chair. Repeat the exercise, switching feet.

Fourth exercise

Lie on the floor, bring your feet together, then lift them in the air and bend them 90 degrees, keeping your hands aside. While maintaining

 your body position, lower your feet to the right and then repeat the movement to the other side.

Fifth exercise

First take the position of the push-ups and lower towards the floor, then lift yourself using your arms, turn and twist your body and torso

 towards the left, and raise your left hand also towards the ceiling, leaning on the palm of your right hand. Lower again and repeat the exercise for the second side.


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