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Exercises that moms should do to keep fit

 Exercises that moms should do to keep fit

The mother has a great role in caring for our health and care since our birth, from our diet to encouraging us to practice a healthy and graceful lifestyle.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2022, how about you spend a special time exercising with your mother on Mother’s Day to enhance communication, and encourage her to try these effective

 exercises that mothers should do to maintain fitness, and push her permanently to strengthen her will, and encourage her to introduce the sports method in her daily routine.

The following exercises can be done anywhere and at any time and do not depend on the number of times or speed in performing the exercise, but are based on controlling the muscles and feeling tight

 with a focus on breathing and raising the level of activity for you, especially since there are several criteria that should not be ignored, so as not to harm Your mother herself does intense exercise.

Exercises that moms should do to keep fit

first exercise

Lie on the floor, arms extended straight behind the head. In the next movement, raise only the upper part of the body to half and keep the

 feet extended and extend the arms forward as the picture shows. Hold this position for a few seconds, then return to the first position.

second exercise

Bend and bend the knees slightly and bring the buttocks slightly back. Bend the elbows 90 degrees and bring them close to the chest, then return them behind the back while maintaining a straight

 posture. It is not necessary to carry weights in the hands, but the exercise can be done with light weights as in the picture.

The third exercise

Move aside and take a wide step of the right foot to the side. Bend the foot you applied with and extend the second foot as the picture shows.

Fourth exercise

Stand up straight. Raise the right or left foot to the side and extend it. You can lean on each other to complete the exercise successfully.

Fifth exercise

Practicing walking with your mother not only helps to get rid of fat and get a slim body, but also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with her and banish negative feelings.


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