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Exercises for pregnant women to facilitate natural childbirth

Exercises for pregnant women to facilitate natural childbirth

Exercising and light sports is important for a pregnant woman, especially from the eighth month until the time of birth, because it facilitates the process of opening the uterus without feeling a lot of

 pain, and thus facilitating childbirth, but it is important to consult a doctor who specializes in your case before doing any exercises in order to avoid any harm For you and the fetus as well, however, we have made sure to provide a set of exercises that help facilitate the natural birth process.

Exercises to facilitate childbirth

Breath holding exercise

It is one of the most important exercises that facilitate natural birth, and it can be practiced by holding the breath for 10 seconds until the time of birth, because it helps to push the fetus.

Bike riding

Cycling exercise

This exercise makes food and blood reach the fetus easier.

rapid breathing exercises

This exercise helps relieve labor pain, and this exercise must be practiced before the time of birth to open the uterus, and thus facilitate childbirth.

rapid breathing exercise

Breathing exercises while lying on the floor

This exercise works to reduce shortness of breath, all you have to do is lie on the floor and take a deep breath with the work of inhaling and exhaling and monitoring.

ball exercise

Place the gym ball against a wall with your legs slightly open and your torso bent down, then come back up again and rest your feet on the floor.

Up and down exercise

In this exercise, you should use a chair and hold it with your hand, then descend while taking a squatting position as you can. 


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