Exercises for liver patients

 Exercises for liver patients

Exercises suitable for liver patients because exercise contributes to improving the health of the liver patient, and reducing the impact of complications that he may suffer as a result of the accumulation of

 fat. Aerobic exercise helps build muscle and reduce muscle loss, which is associated with cirrhosis, increases body flexibility and reduces the impact of some symptoms.

Therefore, it is important to exercise in order to maintain a strong and healthy liver and for it to function better.

Learn about the most important exercises that are suitable for liver patients

Note: If you are a beginner to exercise, get your doctor's approval first and start slowly.

Exercises for liver patients

Walking for liver patients

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Hospital in the United States showed that regular

 walking is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of death from chronic liver diseases such as cirrhosis.

The researchers noted that adults who regularly walked had a 73% lower risk of death related to cirrhosis, compared to their less active peers.

And increased rates of prevention of the consequences of cirrhosis if the people exercised walking.

Strength exercises for liver patients

The benefits of strength exercises for liver patients are based on a significant increase in muscle strength, and therefore, it is beneficial

 for liver patients, as they suffer from a gradual loss of muscle mass and skeletal muscle, in addition to a lack of residual muscle strength. skeletal muscle mass.

The most important examples of strength exercises are: weight lifting exercises, climbing stairs, cycling exercises.

Flexibility exercises for liver patients

Flexibility exercises are based on activities that contribute to improving joint mobility, better for liver patients and avoiding

 muscle mass loss and weakness. The most important flexibility exercises are: stretching exercises, yoga exercises, tai chi exercises, and Pilates exercises.


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