Exercises and natural mixtures to burn belly fat.. video

 Exercises and natural mixtures to burn belly fat.. video

It is difficult to get rid of belly fat by following a healthy diet and drinking fat-burning drinks only. Experts recommend practicing specific exercises that will tighten the abdominal area and burn its

 fat, especially for women who have suffered from sagging in this area after childbirth. We will dedicate this article to help you burn

 belly fat and tighten it by following an integrated system that begins with effective exercises and ends with preparing healthy drinks that help burn fat in a video.

Belly fat burning exercises with Rola

In this video, Rola presents you with 4 quick exercises that help burn belly fat and tighten the area. Follow the details and adhere to the instructions to enjoy a slim body.

The first exercise: the bicycle exercise

Raise the legs so that the lower part of the body is parallel to the upper part of the shoulders, chest and arms. The arms are placed above each other at the level of the shoulders.

The legs move in the same technique as the bicycle, with the upper body bent at the sides at the same time.

Exercise Two: Donkey Kicks

There are several ways to perform the Donkey Kicks exercise, and in this video, Rola chose to take the usual push-up position, then jump with both legs towards the hands once, and jump back to the previous position another time for 30 seconds.

Third exercise: plank

In this exercise, Rola raises her body straight, centering on the arms with the elbows on the ground straight in front of the chest, with the

 ends of the feet on the ground, the exercise is by pulling the knee and legs for 30 seconds, taking care to tighten the stomach and back muscles and take inhale and exhale.

Fourth exercise: super man

In this exercise, Rola lies on the floor, arms extended forward, and legs extended at the back, palms should be on the floor. Lift the legs and arms at the same time towards the top for two seconds, and repeat this step as many times as possible.


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