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Exercise prevents hearing and eye problems and cures the flu

 Exercise prevents hearing and eye problems and cures the flu

We often hear about pills that are an alternative to exercising, but there is no drug that matches exercise and its many benefits.

Here are five benefits of exercise that you didn't know about:

1- deep sleep

The National Sleep Foundation established a survey on about a thousand people, which showed that those who exercise regularly, have a good and happy quality of sleep overall.

This statistic is also supported by 66 other studies on exercise and sleep, all of which conclude that regular exercise is a sleep medicine or behavioral therapy to improve sleep.

Although researchers aren't sure why exercise improves sleep, they believe physical activity helps by affecting body temperature, metabolic rate, heart rate and anxiety level.

2- Less common colds

One study in 1,000 people shows that exercise reduces the risk of catching a cold by 50 percent, and the study also shows that if athletes do get colds, symptoms are often much milder and unobtrusive compared to people who don't exercise.

3- Few eye problems

A study of nearly 50,000 athletes found that those who exercised regularly and led a more active lifestyle were 42 percent less likely to develop eye disease than those who did not exercise.

4- Improve your hearing

A study of more than 68,000 nurses over a 20-year period found that walking at least two hours each week helped reduce the risk of hearing loss.

Exercise prevents hearing loss by improving blood flow to the cochlea that converts sound waves into nerve signals sent to the brain.

Exercise also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, all of which are commonly associated with hearing loss.

5- Get rid of constipation

In a study of 62,000 women, women who exercised had half the rate of constipation compared to women who exercised less than once a week.

A randomized trial that included inactive middle-aged men and women showed that those who were placed on a 12-week exercise schedule were able to get rid of constipation and go out comfortably and easily.


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