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Exercise for pregnant women.. benefits and caveats

 Exercise for pregnant women.. benefits and caveats

A 2015 study of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology confirmed that exercising for pregnant women has many benefits, including:

It improves the heart rate of the pregnant woman, and consequently the breathing process.

Helps maintain physical fitness.

A pregnant woman can, by constantly exercising, control her weight gain, which is a must during pregnancy.

Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, especially in obese women.

Exercise improves the mood of the pregnant woman, helping her to unload her energy if she is angry or in a state of tension through exercise.

Types of sports that a pregnant woman can do

There are types of sports that a pregnant woman can engage in and practice during pregnancy, given that they are not dangerous to her health and the health of her fetus if exercised with caution and moderation, and they are:


Light jogging.


• Yoga.

Aerobic exercise with light, harmless exercises.

Stomach strengthening exercise for pregnant women

In the report of the World Health Organization in London, a special exercise was mentioned for pregnant women that they can adopt to strengthen the stomach according to the following steps:

Lie on your back, then lean on your feet under your hips with your hands outstretched at your sides.

Pull the muscles in your abdomen and back upwards, while also raising your hips, leave your head and hands in a relaxed position on the floor.

Be careful not to arch your back or raise it too much in anticipation of any harm to the fetus.

Stay for a few seconds, then repeat the exercise in the same way ten times.

When should you stop exercising?

According to the Australian Better Health Channel website, which published a report on some sudden cases that may affect pregnant

 women during exercise, which requires them to stop immediately for the sake of her health and the health of her fetus and to consult a doctor immediately, and these cases and problems include:

When feeling pain in the abdomen.

When experiencing chest pain.

When the fetal movement decreases.

When you feel dizziness or blurred vision.

When feeling excessively tired and exhausted.

When experiencing shortness of breath.

When pelvic pain or painful uterine contractions occur.

When any vaginal bleeding occurs.

When legs swell.

When feeling a headache.


Exercising during your pregnancy will make you feel comfortable, in addition to helping you in the future after childbirth, so that your

 body will regain its shape as it was before pregnancy. Exercising is important at all stages, but you should consult your doctor before doing any of them during pregnancy.


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