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Effective muscle-strengthening exercises using a bungee cord

 Effective muscle-strengthening exercises using a bungee cord

Aerobic exercise using a rubber rope is one of the well-known, cheap and easy exercises that it is recommended to practice constantly

 because of its many benefits for body sculpting, strengthening muscles, increasing fitness and body resistance.

The bungee cord can replace the weight completely, in addition to the cheap and easy-to-carry rope.

How about trying some effective exercises using the rubber rope, to witness for yourself the many benefits of strengthening muscles, improving your fitness, and thus losing weight.

Effective muscle-strengthening exercises using a bungee cord

first exercise

Put the rubber band between your feet, above the ankle, then take about 20 to 30 steps, small to the right and then left with the same

 number of steps, then forward and finally back to form a square and return to the starting point.

second exercise

Lie on the floor with your face raised, bearing the weight of your entire body on your knees and resting on the palms of your hands.

 Keeping your back flat and straight, hold the tie between your hands and place it on the other side on the heel of your right foot.

 Then take the position as in the picture, bend the right knee near your body and raise it a little from the ground, then tighten your foot

 with the tie back and extend the foot completely as the picture shows you. Don't forget to repeat the movement for each foot.

The third exercise

First stand up straight, and put one foot in front of the other. Hold the elastic rope between your hands from the back and bend your elbows back.

 Then pull with all your strength forward and fully extend your hands and take them back and bend them back near your body as the picture shows you.

Fourth exercise

First stand up straight, take the elastic rope with your hands, hang it in front of you, then tighten the tie with the grabbers towards you, and bend your elbows back. 

Take the position of the squat and lower the body towards the floor, then loosen the tie a little and extend your hands straight.

Fifth exercise

Lie on the floor and insert the heels of your feet into the grips of the rubber rope and grab the ends of the other hand with your hand.

 Extend your feet and raise them as high in the air as you can, then make a scissors or scissors movement and switch between the left and right foot.


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