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Effective exercises to share with your partner on Valentine's Day

 Effective exercises to share with your partner on Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a new and innovative idea to celebrate with your husband Valentine's Day? How about spending time together on Valentine's Day to exercise as a kind of change and to make your lifestyle healthy?

Accompanying your partner when you go to exercise will make the exercises more fun, reduce boredom and strengthen your marital relationship. 

You will inevitably increase your desire to do more, especially if you form a wonderful team together. You are keen not only to motivate each other, but also to follow the movements accurately so that you can do any exercise to the fullest.

In the following report, we will provide you with effective exercises that you can do with your partner at home or at the gym. You won't

 need any additional equipment, just some stimulation. Are you ready to double the fun and enthusiasm and get a bigger result with your partner on Valentine's Day?

Effective exercises to share with your partner on Valentine's Day

First exercise

Get on your knees with your back turned to one another. Hold a small ball in your hand, then twist and move only the upper part of

 your body to give the ball to your partner, who will pick it up from you and hand it back to you in the same position. Repeat the exercise on the same side for one minute, then switch to the other side.

second exercise

In the first movement, stand face to face and hold each other's arms with one hand and the same side. In the next movement, you will do the lunges, take a step forward and bend the front foot and lower the

 level of the knee that is in the back so that it approaches the level of the ground, with you and your partner moving forward with the right foot and your partner with the left foot or vice versa. In the next

 movement, bring your feet back and repeat the exercise in this way in succession. Repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times, then alternate between the feet.

The third exercise

In the first movement, have your partner stand up straight and hold your hands when you are in the prep position for the pushup, resting on your hands and lifting your body completely off the ground. The

 next movement, it will require double effort, as you will bend your hands and lower your body towards the ground to do the pushup movement, at the same time your partner will lower his body and

 bend his feet as a squat or he can do lunges while keeping the back straight, and he can relieve the pressure a little by Support his back

 against the wall, and of course support you by holding your feet. After completing the exercise and repeating it for 10-20 times, do not forget to switch positions.

 Fourth exercise

In the first movement, have your partner lean their back against the wall and do a squat with both feet bent. Advance to him and turn your back to him and bend your arms from behind and rest them on

 his knees. Slowly bend the elbows and lower the body towards the floor and bend your feet at an angle not exceeding 90 degrees, and do

 a squat movement, pressing your elbows when descending, before returning to the first position. Repeat the exercise from the basic position 20 times and then alternate in the centers.

 Fifth exercise

Stand face to face and keep a large distance between you. Take a small ball in your hands, then mark a starting point by several small

 steps aside and at the same time throw the ball to each other. Continue this movement for 30 seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat the movement to the other side.

Sixth exercise

Taking a basic pushup position across from each other, push your body off the floor and rest on the palms of your hands and on your toes. 

Now that you are in this position, raise the opposite hands and hit the two palms together, the High Five, then return and lower towards the ground to do a quick pushup and repeat the exercise for 8 times with alternating hands.


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