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Effective exercises that are believed to be able to get rid of butt fat in a week

 Effective exercises that are believed to be able to get rid of butt fat in a week

Effective exercises that are believed to be able to get rid of butt fat in a week, are effective exercises that contribute to tightening the back area, as this area is one of the most areas of the body that women

 seek to lose weight, tighten their sagging and get rid of fat to appear with a slim, attractive and flawless body.

Since often you may not be able to go out of the house to exercise in the gym, we wanted to share with you in our report today the best effective exercises that you can keep at home and target the muscles of the buttocks and the back area.

It is believed that these exercises are able to get rid of butt fat starting in a week and achieve amazing results for increasing the beauty and

 femininity of your body and obtaining a large and tight butt, without resorting to surgical operations.

Effective exercises to get rid of butt fat

first exercise

First start with a normal squat motion, lower toward the floor and lower your buttocks back, slightly bending your feet.

 Concentrate on your right foot and the ends of your left foot, as the picture shows. In the next movement, jump up with your feet and return your left foot and hands back into the air as in the picture.

Go back to the first movement and repeat the exercise if you can 3 cycles of 10 to 12 times per foot.

second exercise

Stand straight, leaving a small distance between your feet. Carry some light weights in your hands, and bring your arms at chest level.

 Gradually lower yourself to the ground and into a squatting position, bend your knees and bring your buttocks back.

The third exercise

First stand up straight, grab some light weights, and extend your arms close to your body. 

Lower the upper part of your body evenly with the ground and return your buttocks back and keep the back and head straight, then lower your hands down as the picture shows you.

Fourth exercise

Push your right foot and bend it forward, keeping the second foot extended in the back, and hold some weights in your hands and raise your arm at the level of your shoulders. 

In the second movement, come to a standing position, raise your back foot and bend it 90 degrees in the air, and steadily hold your front right foot, then raise your arms in the air.

Fifth exercise

This exercise is similar to the previous exercise. First start by lunging a step back so that the back leg is tight and resting on the toes with the front knee bent so that the leg takes a right angle.

 In the second step, stand up and raise the back foot and extend it completely in front of your body in the air as if you were doing a kicking motion.

Sixth exercise

Lie on the floor and bend your feet 90 degrees on the floor. Raise your buttocks and body away from the ground, supported by the toes and forearms, while maintaining the position of the feet, and the head and neck straight.


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