Effective exercises are believed to be able to lose 10 kilos in a week

 Effective exercises are believed to be able to lose 10 kilos in a week

Effective exercise is one of the most important tools for losing weight, and it is the most appropriate way to gain a slim body, maintain sound health, and lose weight in a quick way.

But in the beginning, you should know that it is possible to lose weight 10 kilos in a week if exercise is combined with a harsh diet, but it is not desirable to lose weight in this quick way so as not to

 gain it quickly again, and it is necessary to consult a nutritionist and sports specialist to It helps more in coordinating food and sports because body type, muscle and fat help in choosing the type of exercise.

So madam, if you are trying to lose weight with exercise, here are the best effective exercises that are able to burn fat and calories.

Effective exercises that can lose weight

first exercise

Get the traditional rope and jump on it by bringing the feet together or by bending them one by one.

second exercise

Stand straight along any chair or table. Put the heel of the foot on the table or chair and lift yourself with the other foot and bend it 90 degrees in front of your body and make your second foot naturally

 straight, then return to the first position and repeat the process in succession, with the possibility of carrying some light weights with your hands while making the movements.

The third exercise

Lie on your back and bend your feet 90 degrees on the floor. Push the upper part of your body forward while pulling the abdomen inward. Go down towards the ground and then come back and repeat the movement.

Fourth exercise

Like the previous exercise, lie on the floor with your feet fully extended. Lift your buttocks and feet in the air and bring them close and press them towards your stomach and maintain this position as much as you can.

Fifth exercise

It is the traditional push-up exercise. Lift your body completely to the top and parallel to the ground to be based on either your knees or your toes. 

Begin to slowly go down with the palms of the hands aligned with the shoulders. Keep the legs straight and take care not to bend the body while doing the exercise.

Sixth exercise

Bend your knees into a squat position and place your hands on the floor directly in front of you. Kick your legs back so that the weight of your body is fully focused on your hands, and when you are in a

 plank position, do a quick push-up, then use the tips of your toes to push your body off the ground so that you can stand again. 

Jump and push your whole body up using the tips of your feet, and raise your hands up when jumping to extend your whole body.


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