Easy home exercises to blow up fat and tighten flabby in minutes

Easy home exercises to blow up fat and tighten flabby in minutes

Doing easy home exercises can help get rid of fat, lose weight and regain fitness. Thus, it is possible to dispense with going to the gym by doing some movements that tighten the abdomen, buttocks and arms. So it is enough to learn how to apply home exercises in a few minutes daily.

Home exercises to blow up belly fat, buttocks and arms

The application of daily home exercises is one of the best ways to rid the body of flabbiness, especially in the areas of the rumen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

To burn belly fat

In this case, you must do quick home exercises by doing specific and very easy steps.

First exercise

- Stretching on the ground with the knees folded and attached to one another.

- Raise the legs together to the top and then towards the chest with the head raised.

Return the legs to their original position.

This exercise is repeated in 3 sets of 20 movements each.

second exercise

- Stretching on the floor in front of the wall with the feet fixed on it.

- Lifts the lower part of the body, ie the buttocks and abdomen, as high as possible.

After that, the original position is restored.

- The same movement is repeated in 4 sets, each containing 25 up and down movements.

Tightening the thighs and buttocks

To get rid of sagging thighs, it is recommended to do some easy-to-apply home movements.

You can go up and down stairs for 10 minutes.

Or a small table or chair is placed and standing on it, then lowering one foot and returning it, lowering the other foot, and repeating this for as long as possible.

It is also recommended to do a duck gait exercise for 15 minutes 3 times a week. Thus, it can be added to other home exercises that work to tighten the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and legs.

To get rid of sagging arms

It is possible to tighten the arms and get rid of their flabbiness by doing simple exercises at home without going to the gym.

first exercise

- One liter water bottle is carried in each hand and stretched out on the floor.

Extend the arms upward and then pull them toward the chest.

The movement is repeated within 4 sets of 10 movements each.

second exercise

A water bottle is carried by one hand.

Draw a circle with the whole arm.

Repeat the movement in 3 sets of 10 moves each. This helps to sculpt and tighten the arms.

Easy home body sculpting exercises

It is easy to perform home exercises that help you lose weight and burn fat in the entire body.

squat exercise

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

- The knees are folded and the whole body is folded down while maintaining a straight back and feet attached to the ground, with the thighs parallel to it.

The original position is restored, standing straight again.

Repeat the exercise several times. It is recommended to do this daily because it tightens most of the muscles of the body such as the back, buttocks and thighs.


Reverse walking exercise

To choose the best home exercises that help restore fitness and burn fat, it is recommended to do the reverse walking movement.

- Stand straight, feet apart, parallel to the width of the flanks.

Move the left foot one step forward.

- The knees are folded until the left thigh is parallel to the ground and the right knee is only 5 cm away from it.

This position is maintained as much as possible. Then move the left foot back to the basic standing position.

- It is recommended to repeat the same exercise, but with the left foot delaying a step back and then bending and maintaining the position for as long as possible. Finally, the left foot is pushed forward and is

 again standing. It is known that this exercise is one of the very useful home exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and to sculpt the body. 


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