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Easy exercises to prevent foot problems

 Easy exercises to prevent foot problems

Easy exercises to prevent foot problems, as many of us may suffer from foot pain at some time. To keep feet strong and at the same time help reduce pain and improve overall health and flexibility, we'll

 introduce you to the most easy exercises you can do regularly that will strengthen the muscles of the feet, increase the range of motion in the feet and keep the person active for the longest time.

What is striking about these exercises is that they do not require much physical effort or equipment and tools, as they can be performed at home or at the club.

Easy exercises to prevent foot problems

walking exercise

Walking is the best exercise to prevent foot problems. Walking helps to strengthen the foot muscles, improve blood circulation in the body, and improve the general mood.

Stretching and stretching exercises

Try sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Lift your left foot off the ground and slide your big toe into the air in a clockwise

 circular motion. Then, repeat the same movement, but in the opposite direction, and then do the same exercise on the left foot.

For the stretching exercises, sit straight on a chair, with feet flat on the floor. Keep the toes on the ground, with the heels off the ground and resting on the toes; So that a semi-circle is formed with the foot

 before lowering the heel to the ground. Then lower the entire foot on the ground and raise the toes, keeping the heels touching the ground and bend the toes up.

resistance exercises

Resistance exercises strengthen the muscles, which helps support and protect the feet. You can do resistance exercises while sitting or standing. To avoid slips and falls, it may be best to do these exercises near a chair, desk, or wall to help you balance.

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, then place the right foot in front of the body, and lower the hips until the right leg forms a 90-degree angle and the left leg is parallel to the floor.

You can also do the following exercise by wrapping the resistance band at the ankles, then standing straight and pushing the left leg back while keeping it straight, then slowly returning it to the original position.


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