Easy exercises that can be done while watching TV

 Easy exercises that can be done while watching TV

Easy exercises that can be practiced while watching TV to maintain a perfect and athletic body without the need to go to gyms and waste time, especially with the daily pressures that you may suffer at home or at work.

In the next report, we will highlight easy and quick exercises to take advantage of while watching TV or during the many commercial breaks that pass daily on TV screens. 

So why not take advantage of this time and make up for the lost time between these ads to exercise exercises that will not only infuse you

 with activity and vitality, but will help you at the same time burn fat and strengthen muscles, and follow your favorite series at the same time?

 Easy exercises that can be done while watching TV

first exercise

Sit on the couch and bend one of your knees high, standing on one foot while maintaining the position of the knee bent and high. Lower

 your buttocks and bottom a little and then come back to sitting again as the first position. Repeat this process for each foot 10 times.

second exercise

Put your hands on the mat and take a push-up or push-up position, after doing the process bend each foot highly and raise them one by

 one in front of you, then do the push-up again. Do not rush too much when doing this exercise, but take your time provided that you follow the right method.

The third exercise

Put your hands behind you on any table or chair in the living room. Extend the legs straight, then start raising your body until the butt reaches the height of the table, then gradually lower until you come close to the floor. Repeat the process 10 to 15 times.

Fourth exercise

Stand straight along the living room table or any chair, put one foot on the table or chair, lift yourself with the other foot towards the

 table and bend it high in front of your body and extend the second foot naturally, then return again to the first position, and repeat the process in succession several times.

Fifth exercise

Are you ready to take on the challenge? In this exercise you will jump with all your might on the table. But before that, make sure that the table is well fixed and not too high. 

Stand in front of the table and bend your knees slightly to take the appropriate position with your arms open behind you to increase the body's ability to jump.

 Push with both feet and hop onto the table and into a squat position, bringing your arms out in front of you. Return to the first position in the same way, that is, return by jumping backwards.

If you find it difficult to do this exercise, avoid jumping, especially backwards, and replace the exercise by either jumping in your place or doing the same concept of exercise on the table slowly and comfortably without the need to jump. Repeat the process 10 to 15 times.


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