Easy exercises for arthritis sufferers

 Easy exercises for arthritis sufferers

Easy exercises for arthritis sufferers to relieve the trouble caused by joint pain. Exercising strengthens muscles, improves flexibility of muscles, maintains their balance, helps relieve pain and improves health.

In addition, one of the benefits of exercise for people with arthritis is that it contributes to reducing fatigue and relieving depression.

 Comprehensive physical fitness helps prevent heart disease and diabetes, two life-shortening diseases often associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

But before starting any exercise therapy, we recommend that you consult your doctor or physical therapist so that he can recommend the appropriate treatments for your condition.

Here are the best easy exercises for arthritis sufferers, as reported by the specialized Health website.


Practicing yoga can relieve symptoms of arthritis. According to Dr. Susan J. Bartlett, the lead researcher in a study published in the Scientific Journal of Rheumatology, "Yoga would be the most

 appropriate sport for arthritis patients, as it combines physical activity with the ability to manage stress as well as relaxation techniques." .

Yoga helps improve strength and flexibility, but some people with limited mobility may need to adjust yoga poses or use braces to help with balance.


Pilates straightens the body, with the aim of improving body balance, increasing flexibility, and strengthening muscles. Among its

 benefits, it relieves joint and muscle pain, back pain and spine pain, and gives the body the ability to streamline physical movement and endurance without causing pain.


Zumba is a dance-based fitness sport that has many benefits to relieve body pain and treat muscles and joints.

strength exercises

Strength exercises using some light weights have great benefits for arthritis patients because they can raise the level of muscular fitness and move the large muscles that surround the joints.


Walking relieves pain and improves mobility in patients with osteoarthritis, for a period of not less than 45 minutes, or at least walking for 10 minutes every hour.

Other activities

Aquatic exercises or tai chi exercises improve balance and help prevent falls. Be sure to tell your doctor or trainer about your condition and avoid positions or movements that can cause pain.


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