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Easy drinks to remove the rumen and speed up metabolism

Easy drinks to remove the rumen and speed up metabolism

Easy drinks that you can start from now to prepare in your kitchen, they help boost metabolism and burn calories as quickly as possible, and help lose weight, they contain fruits and vegetables, with huge antioxidants that improve digestion, provided by the Indian Bold Sky website.

Kiwi, lettuce and spinach drink..

The combination of these ingredients will give your body large amounts of fiber and antioxidants to promote weight loss, act as a diuretic and cleanse, and help remove toxins and retained fluids.

All you need...

kiwi fruit

5 spinach leaves

3 leaves of lettuce

 In the electric mixer, mix all the ingredients, until they are completely homogeneous and form a smoothie without any lumps. Take one to two cups of it throughout the day, as it has a magical effect in burning fat and stimulating the metabolism.

Cucumber and celery drink..

All you need..

Pieces of cucumber

3 pieces of celery

1 green apple

How to apply the drink:

Add the mixture with a cup of water.

Method of consumption: Drink apple, cucumber and celery juice on an empty stomach, or in the afternoon, two or three times a week, as it is low in calories, and contains only 50 calories. 


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