Does the position of the body affect the level of self-confidence?

 Does the position of the body affect the level of self-confidence?

A new American study came unexpectedly. If we talk about behavior related to the level of self-confidence, we will find a long list centered on exercising, learning from previous experiences, especially those that ended in failure, belief in abilities and their role

 in self-development, but the most recent behavior that a university study found San Francisco, USA, is related to the position of the body!

Pay attention to your sitting and walking position

It is natural to replace the sitting position with a straight back to a stooped position when feeling bored or frustrated, but this habit negatively affects you and your level of self-confidence according to

 the results of the study, as the stooped posture of the body exacerbates the feeling of sadness and depletion of energy, which applies to the walking position. With a curvy body as well, people who walk with a stooped body are more likely to develop depression.

What's the solution?

The limits of the study did not stop at the cause only, but reached a simple solution, which is to adjust the position of the body to the straight, which improves mood and energy. This position is called the

 "strength" or "confidence" position. Have you ever seen a superhero in cartoons and movies with a curved back? Of course not, the

 straight posture of the body is reflected in the form of strength and self-confidence, which affects the levels of the hormones cortisol and testosterone in the body.

And of course, do not forget the need to exercise to get rid of stress and negative feelings, in addition to paying attention to your external

 appearance and developing yourself in areas that will benefit you in the future in your work and life as a whole, as all these factors play a major role in increasing self-confidence.


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