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Does exercise plank remove the rumen?

 Does exercise plank remove the rumen?

Does the plank exercise remove the rumen, a question that many girls and women ask fitness experts and trainers. Who among us does not want to get rid of the harmful fats that accumulate in this area of ​​

the body. This can be achieved by eating healthy food, refraining from consuming fatty and ready-made foods, and stopping eating sweets in the periods between meals. It is also very important to learn to practice this exercise along with other useful exercises.


 Benefits of planks for the abdomen

 Many suffer from sagging abdomen and the accumulation of fatty lumps in it. That is why they ask Plank exercise removes the rumen. In fact, this exercise can return to the body many benefits.

- Helps to tighten the abdomen, sculpt the waist and dissolve the fat that accumulates in them.

 It can be used to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms and chest.

It is also very useful for supporting the hamstrings.

Contributes to restoring flexibility to the body, strengthening the spine, and reducing back pain.

Another benefit of this exercise is that it improves mood and relieves nervous tension.

How to do a plank

Does the plank exercise remove the rumen. The answer is known. And it's time to learn how to do this exercise.

first method

1 Lie on your stomach with your elbows on the floor.

 2 After this, hands should be interlaced at chest level.

3 The body is lifted to the top with tension. You should also raise the shoulder muscles and tighten the knees and legs while resting on the toes. It is useful to repeat this movement for one minute.


The second method

1 In order to practice this exercise, you must lie on your stomach.

2 Place the palms of the hands on the floor directly below the shoulders.

3 The upper part of the body is raised as much as possible.

4 After this, the lower part of it is lifted with tension and with the toes of the feet resting on it.

You must maintain this position for as long as possible and repeat the exercise again. One foot can also be moved forward and backward.

Third method

For everyone who asks whether the plank exercise removes the rumen, we point out that it is necessary to know this way to do it.

1 You must first lie on the stomach with the palms of the hands below the shoulders.

2 The upper part of the body should be raised as much as possible.

3 After this, the lower part of it is also raised as much as possible.

4 The next important step that must be done is to raise one hand on the ground with the body resting on the palm of the other hand and

 the toes of the feet. It is necessary to take care to maintain this position for at least 30 seconds. It is very useful to repeat the exercise several times during the day.

 Fourth method

 1 Lie on the right side of the body with the palm of the left hand on the ground.

 2 The body should be raised to the top while leaning on the side of the left foot and the palm of the left hand.

3 After this, the left foot should be raised and the right foot should be placed under it while tightening the body as much as possible. It is important to repeat the stretching movement for one minute before

 performing the exercise in the opposite way. These exercises form with the passage of time and obtaining the expected result the actual answer to the question: Does the plank exercise remove the rumen?


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