Do women need protein supplements?

 Do women need protein supplements?

There is no doubt that the increased awareness of women that the muscles of their body give them a slender figure and speed up their metabolism is a positive thing, so many women have increased

 awareness of the need to build and strengthen muscle mass in their bodies and maintain it, through exercising that targets the muscles of the body and carrying some weights. Maintaining protein intake

 from its natural sources and from food supplements in the form of drinks, chocolate, or bars sold in pharmacies and stores designated for that.

While some girls still believe that these supplements are not suitable for them, and that they are only intended for men who engage in

 weight-bearing sports, because they believe that taking these protein supplements will make their appearance unfeminine, and that cruelty in exercise leads to the emergence of muscles for them as men, and this is a completely wrong belief. .

Women who do not engage in violent sports, such as lifting weights and intense exercises that target specific muscles in the body, do not need protein supplements, and their bodies only need protein from its

 natural sources, while women who practice intense sports and carry weights need these supplements, provided they consult a nutritionist, then a trainer her athlete about how much of it her body needs.

As the intense sports that a woman does for many hours may expose her body’s muscles to disintegration and demolition, she needs to replace her body with proteins and supplements from fast-absorbing protein derivatives so as not to damage the muscle, and thus the exercises she practices lead to counterproductive results in the short and long term.

Despite the importance of building muscle mass and taking nutritional supplements if you do rigorous exercises, we do not advise you to exaggerate the use of protein supplements so as not to

 suffer from their side effects, and do not get used to using them for long periods so as not to tire your kidneys in the long term, and make sure when you take them on Drink large amounts of water.

As for the types of these supplements, some of them are derived from milk and are called “Whey protein isolate”, which is the type that contains the highest percentage of amino acids, and the most

 rapid in terms of absorption in the body, followed by “Whey protein concentrate” in terms of absorption speed in the body. It is good for

 protein as a nutritional supplement and is suitable for eating after violent sports to maintain and support muscle mass, and protein supplements derived from eggs are no less important than the previous two types.

There are other types of protein supplements such as “casein protein” that are slower in absorption than the previous types, and eating them immediately after exercise will not produce the desired results, while

 using them at other times, such as eating them as breakfast or before bedtime, while vegetarians resort to soy protein on Picture of a food supplement to get the sources of protein they need after intense sports.


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