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Do these exercises for the safety of your eyes

 Do these exercises for the safety of your eyes

The world’s preoccupation with the Internet and social networking is a double-edged development, as to the facilities and advantages it provides, but on the other hand, it causes great harm. With the eyes and their muscles during the day:

1- Focusing on a far point and then close: The best way to do this exercise is to put the finger away from the eyes and at the level of the nose, then focus your eyes on your finger and bring it closer and away at a medium speed.

Or you can look out the window as far as you can see to rest your eyes.

2- Move your eyes up and down "vertical", then to the sides "horizontally".

3- Close your eyes tightly and open them slowly. Repeat this process more than once.

4- Move your eyes continuously to these directions: down, left side, up, then to the right side as if you are drawing a virtual square with your eyes. Or move your eyes in a circular way as if you are drawing a virtual circle.

5- Open and close your eyes very quickly, as if you are blinking.

6- Rub your palms well and then place them over your eyes while they are open.

Try to repeat these exercises during the day and more than once in order to maintain the integrity of your eyes and to avoid their dryness.

Do not forget to visit the doctor immediately if you feel any weakness in your eyesight.


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