Disadvantages of eating a random diet

Disadvantages of eating a random diet

A slim and harmonious body like a supermodel is a dream of almost every woman, which prompts some to follow a random diet, hear her steps from a friend who has previously worked with her or read

 about her in a magazine, which causes great health damage to the body as a result of depriving him of foods that he may need badly. Therefore, you should be careful before following any diet and it is preferable to consult a nutritionist who will put one for you.

Disadvantages of eating an unbalanced diet

Bodies differ from each other in terms of the need for calories, according to weight, height and age, so it is preferable to follow a diet customized by a specialized doctor to ensure the safety of the body and avoid these damages:

Feeling hungry: There are diets that force you to avoid certain types of foods and eat others frequently, which is harmful to the body, and this also causes a feeling of hunger after hours of the day, which threatens to leave the program and devour large quantities of food, so the weight returns to what it was , or more.

Fatigue and exhaustion: Some diets force you to eat a small amount of food with fewer calories than the body needs, which leads to the body feeling tired and exhausted, due to its need for large calories, so it is recommended to follow an appropriate diet to avoid feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day.

Lack of drinking water: random programs do not focus on drinking large amounts of water on a daily basis, so make sure to drink plenty of water even if you do not feel thirsty to enhance the feeling of satiety and get rid of fat faster.

Lack of exercise: random diets force you to eat small amounts of food, which makes you feel weak and unable to do any exercise, so you should not deviate towards this type of diet and follow a healthy diet to enjoy better health and to be able to exercise well . 

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