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Diet without deprivation to lose 5 kilograms

 Diet without deprivation to lose 5 kilograms

Some diets help speed up the process of burning fat and losing weight, including the diet known as Tokyo Paris.

Obesity can be eliminated by losing weight and exercising by relying on different methods, most notably following a healthy diet.

Learn the rules and stages of the Tokyo Paris Diet and adopt it to lose weight quickly.

The rules of weight loss, the Tokyo Paris diet

This diet, which helps to lose weight and regain fitness in a short period of time, was created by French nutritionist Sophie Ortega. It is based on taking some steps that lead to burning fat without deprivation.

    • When you follow this diet, you can eat foods rich in nutrients and contain a small number of calories.

    • In the diet phase, you can practice Japanese-style exercises such as walking, hiking, cycling and working in the garden. Meditation exercises can also be used.

    • This diet is based on two phases, the first over 3 weeks, and the second over two weeks. After that, the weight must be maintained.

    • By following this diet to blow up fat and sculpt the body, you can lose at least 4 to 5 kilograms in just 5 weeks.

    • In addition to losing weight, this diet can also restore the smoothness, freshness and healthy glow of the skin.

Dieting program

 It is possible to regain fitness through this diet if it is followed correctly in two stages.

The first stage

    • At this stage, you should eat foods that are rich in nutrients and contain a small number of calories.

    • You must consume at least 1,400 calories per day by eating a protein-rich breakfast and two meals and two meals containing green vegetables, bird meat, fish or seafood, dairy products or a portion of fruit.

    • During breakfast, for example, you can eat two pieces of wholemeal bread, two pieces of cheese, a small piece of salmon, a cup of fresh fruit juice, and a cup of green tea.

    • During lunch and dinner, this diet allows eating steamed beets, risotto with shrimp, and red fruit salad.

The second phase

    • In this phase, which lasts for two weeks and stimulates the process of losing weight, you must consume at least 1,700 calories per day.

    • It is necessary for the breakfast to be rich and it can contain a boiled egg, 4 pieces of rice biscuits, 2 tablespoons of almond paste, 3 dates, a cup of green tea with lemon.

    • The lunch program includes a cup of shredded carrots, 150 g of cod fish, a cup of risotto with asparagus, a plate of mango and pineapple salad.

    • During dinner, it is allowed to eat a piece of salmon, a piece of zucchini mold, 150 g of mango and pineapple mixture.

    • After the end of the second week of this diet, you must follow a healthy diet based on eating foods that do not contain a high percentage of sugar or fat.

    • It is possible to take a break and eat all kinds of food on one day per week, knowing that it is useful and necessary in order to lose weight in a healthy way by distributing 12,000 calories throughout the week.

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