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Diet to lose weight in the month of Ramadan without getting tired

 Diet to lose weight in the month of Ramadan without getting tired

Losing weight in the month of Ramadan is not impossible, so take advantage of the month of Ramadan to follow healthy eating habits that contribute to losing your weight without getting tired, and here

 we will not adhere to a specific healthy diet for all age groups in the month of fluorescence, but we will highlight the most important tips

 that he published "healthline" was endorsed by the nutrition consultant Dr. Basem Shawky from Jeddah.

Lose weight in Ramadan without getting tired

Dr. Bassem explained that the month of Ramadan is one of the months that should be used to lose weight and improve physical fitness in a natural way and not vice versa.

 It is necessary to invest the hours of breakfast and fasting without exception in changing bad eating habits, and staying away from Ramadan behaviors that may lead the body to gain kilograms in quickly.

So, dear follow the following most important tips, as they are a healthy diet to lose weight in the month of Ramadan without getting tired, as follows:

Take advantage of the fasting hours to wake up early, to regulate your body's biological clock and stimulate the metabolism to lose weight naturally without getting tired.

Invest half an hour before breakfast in walking, to raise the level of metabolism during iftar hours in Ramadan.

Make sure to drink large amounts of filtered water before eating breakfast, as well as give up Ramadan drinks while eating Ramadan food.

Reduce the amount of food you eat without depriving yourself of the most unfavorable Ramadan meals for you.

Replace refined carbohydrate foods in the month of Ramadan, with whole grain products such as "oats, barley, brown rice".

Avoid drinking soft drinks during the month of Ramadan, as they contain a high percentage of sugars and calories that are unhealthy for the body in the month of Ramadan.

Chew food slowly while eating your favorite foods in the month of Ramadan, as studies have shown that eating slowly reduces calorie

 intake by 10%, and increases the consumption of water and healthy Ramadan drinks that are free of sugars and artificial flavors, and thus will lead to a feeling of satiety.

Take advantage of healthy, high-fiber foods during Iftar and Suhoor as much as possible.

Add protein-rich foods to breakfast and suhoor without being restricted to specific types, so rely on a variety of protein sources during Ramadan, especially grilled or cooked in the oven without fat.

You can practice cardio for 30 minutes before Suhoor 4 times a week, to contribute to burning more calories during Ramadan.

Finally, take advantage of the month of Ramadan to change random behaviors in eating meals, rely on cooking Ramadan meals in the

 oven, and most importantly, organize your day and take advantage of

 the iftar hours to enhance your energy and vitality during fasting periods, especially drinking fat-burning fluids at a rate of 3 cups of

 "ginger, green tea, Cinnamon, turmeric, which is able to lose weight in the month of Ramadan without fatigue.


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