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Diet oats and milk to lose weight 3 kg in just 3 days

 Diet oats and milk to lose weight 3 kg in just 3 days

We often hear many types of diets and diets to eliminate the extra kilograms in your body. One of the famous types of diet, is the oat and milk diet to lose weight. 

What is this diet and can it help in weight loss?

Oats for weight loss

Oatmeal is known for its many benefits for all who are trying to lose weight. Oats are known to be an excellent source of dietary fiber that helps curb hunger in general, improve digestion, and detoxify the body.

Oatmeal also contains many vitamins and minerals such as iron and phosphorous that your body needs, and its benefits also for diet and weight loss are low in calories so that it keeps your body within the limits of calories that you can eat daily.

Diet oats and milk for weight loss

Before starting any diet, it is necessary to review the specialist doctor and consult the opinion of specialists to ensure the safety of the diet

 on your body and your health. Therefore, it is not possible to be sure of the effectiveness of the diet and the possibility of losing 3 kilograms in just 3 days.

According to the website of Medicine, the most common way to use oats is to eat it with milk and add some flavoring and fruit. Here are simple ways to prepare oats for the diet:

You can prepare it with half a glass of water or low-fat milk.

Put the oats with boiling water, until the oats become soft, and add some nuts and fruits to it.

As for the 3-day dieting program:

The first day, the first meal, the second meal, and the second meal will be oats with milk, with a weight of only 5 grams of oats and 2 grams of skimmed milk.

For the second day, the regime of three meals must be followed, the same as the first day, with the same meals, taking into account the

 increase in the required amount, and it cannot be reduced in order to lose more, because this will reflect the results of the results and increase the weight. That would be 75 grams of oats versus 300 grams of skimmed milk.

On the third day, the meals will be more than on the second day. On the third day, one meal will consist of 3 meals consisting of 100 grams of oats and 400 grams of milk.

According to the sites, the diet should not exceed the three days, and stop following the diet when you feel any health problem.

The dangers of the oat diet

An oat diet offers a number of benefits to your health, but there are some risks to watch out for, especially when following an oat diet, including:

Oats are a low-calorie diet, so they can cause you to become malnourished.

It can make you feel dizzy, tired and nauseous.

Difficulty maintaining weight loss.

It can cause kidney stones.


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